Introducing our first Top Spin winners!

17 April 2019

Collage of winning entries

The votes are in and we are excited to announce our first 2019 Top Spin competition winners… drum roll please…

The Judges’ Award goes to: Alex Darby!

Alex is walking away with a cool $1K based on his entry called Eye on the Ball. The judges loved how Alex called out how the alcohol industry floods major sporting events with their alcohol ads – showing us how hard it can be to keep ‘your eye on the ball’. Great entry – awesome work Alex.

Also awarded are our three Judges’ Shout Out awards, with winners receiving a $100 gift voucher. These winners are:

Best execution

Clearest #TopSpin tactic


Congrats to all the week one winners – remember you need to contact the team at Top Spin to claim your prize as per the T&Cs.

Didn’t win in week one? No worries! There’s plenty of time to get an entry in and if you have already entered, your entry is still eligible for the next four weeks of competition so make sure you keep an eye out to see if you are one of our future winners!

Top tip: You can enter either a text, image or video so when entering take some time to see if you can adapt your chosen tactic into another format to increase your chances of winning – check out the current entries on the Top Spin website.